The Unmaker

Week 9 - Dengar Mines

This week the group headed to Shady Brooks to pick up a wounded Hunter [[:Ivan Drago]], last survivor of a cell that had been sent to investigate. Once at Shady Brooks they met with Captain Matol and spoke briefly about the impending war and the progress of the defenses around Shady Brooks.

The group met Drago at the temple where he was recovering, and learned about the events at the mine. Some kind of Crysteline Entity similar to Naram has hired the Crimson Fist mercenaries to take the mines after the people there reported finding a Crystal imbued with magical properties. The miners planned to use it to enchant magic items, and the crystal itself would be worth a great deal of money.

The hunter cell was investigating when the Crimson Fist mercenaries were made aware of their presence and they were attacked.

All of the Hunters were killed, but Ivan was dragged to safety by some of the citizens and spirited out of the city. He managed to make his way back to Shady Brooks to send a report to the Hunters.

Once the group was able to use their power to nurse him back to help, they left for the mines to liberate the city, recover the crystal, and exact revenge.


When the group neared the bridge heading north to the mines, they ran into a group of Crimson Fists who informed them that the road was closed. Upon recognizing the mercenaries, Ivan charged without warning.

Once all the mercenaries were dead and regretting their choice of employment, the party proceeded to head to the mines. Once there they ran into a lieutenant of the Crimson Fists, a particularly vicious dwarf known for his habit of abusing the cities he occupies.

Heskan squared off against the dwarf, and the rest of the group made short work of the Crimson Fist initiates.


Once the group killed the dwarf and secured the entrance to the city/mine they set up camp and prepared to enter.



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