The Unmaker

Week 8 - Banishing the Beast

Gathering their strength, the group traveled through the sewers back to the temple district. Once there, Aramil used the amulet to gather the remnant of Lenis’s soul left in the statue. Once there they began to notice a lack of cultist activity, and made their way to Lengis’s estate.


Working their way up from the sewers, the group was able to sneak around to the windows and check inside the estate. Several cultists were hiding inside the ruined building, apparently having some kind of meeting.

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Jumping through the windows and doors, the group assaulted the cultists inside, but as each perished their spirit lashed out a final time before being gathered to the lead cultist. Moments after their assault began, the lead cultist threw up a signal calling the Unmaker.


Soon after his arrival, Lengis emerged from the amulet and drew the remainder of his soul from the beast. Finally complete, Lengis ascended to demi-godhood, transforming before the eyes of the group into a fey spirit. Using his powers, he weakened the beast.

An epic battle commenced. Once touched with Chandra’s powers, the beast recognized the power of Ioun. Before finally being banished from this realm, he informed the group that he would eat Ioun’s heart.

On their way slipping out of the city the group ran into Skletor. He thanked the group for their assistance in winning the city back, and promised that Gruggs was going to end up as more than just clan shaman. He had plans to be chieftain.

The group traveled back to Hunter’s HQ to inform them what had occurred. Aramil is now wondering about what caused the mage’s guild to steal him away from his home city. Chandra spent the night praying to warn Ioun of the Unmaker’s intentions. She was visited by an angel who granted her memories back to her of her previous life so that she could concentrate on the task at hand.

After a briefing in the morning of three problems facing the hunters on the western side of the mountains, the group chose to pursue a lead in the Dengar Mine. They leave in the morning.



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