The Unmaker

Week 5 - Entering the Ruins


During the daytime the party decided to rest and recover their strength for a trip into the city at nightfall, hoping to be able to exit before sunrise so as to not be trapped inside the city. Shortly before sunset however, a goblin approached the party waving a white flag.

Gruggs offered to make a deal with the party, explaining that the Tamask Tribe has moved into the ruins and needs help disposing of the monster that stalks the northern quarters of the city ordering the cultists around and growing their numbers.

He explains that the ambush was not a breach of their deal because the other goblins didn’t know them. Also, he thanks the players for killing the leader of the ambush, who was ahead of Gruggs for tribe shaman, a promotion that has now been secured with the other goblins death. Coincidence? You decide.

The party accepts his offer of ‘free’ passage through Goblin territory of the city and whatever intel the goblins can provide in exchange for the eradication of an immortal creature of immense power and indeterminate origin.


Gruggs left the group to relay their acceptance to the other Goblins, meanwhile the party noticed a group of cultists pushing a cart towards the city. Deciding to make the most of the opportunity, the party ambushed the cultists.


The cultists proved more dangerous than the party originally surmised, however each time a cultists attempted to run for the city to warn the others, he was caught and put down.

Briefly considering using the cultist robes to disguise themselves and enter the city, the group decided to take the magic crossbow that was being transported and climb the walls instead.

In the City

Gruggs led the players to a crumbling portion of the wall where they were able to cross fairly easily with the help of Aramil and Naram’s ability to teleport, a rope, and dodgy patrolling on the part of the cultists.

Once inside, the group decided to ask around the local goblins for a scout that could lead them safely to the library.

One such Goblin was quickly found, however his reluctance to accompany the group in the direction he provided made the group wary of his advice. Content Not Found: Heksan’s attempt to scare the goblin was successful, however it only resulted in his quick departure from the parties company. The attempted altercation drew the attention of a large amount of Goblins. Taking advantage of the attention the group gained, Heskan offered 2 gold up front, and 3 on arrival to any goblin that could lead the group to the great Library.

A nimble goblin wielding a grappling hook, a skull tattoo on his face, and showing off some impressive climbing skills descended from the top of one of the nearby buildings and introduced himself as Skletor. He knows the way.

Queen of the Insects

On the way to the library, the party was unfortunate enough to wander past a workshop that was being looted by a particularly nasty cultist, Kiris, the self proclaimed Queen of insects.

Spotting the party in the company of a goblin, Kiris did not need to wonder if these newcomers to the city were cultists.

The fight began with a vial of some disgusting juice being broken on Heskan. While some of the group headed off to engage Kiris, Heskan found himself surrounded by Armorcutter Ants. Appearing to be attracted to the scent, the enraged ants put Heksan on the ground in quick order.

Seeing her first prey down Kiris drew the Ants attention to Kalla, however she was being driven back by the group. Deciding to call upon the Ankheg that she knew made its nest nearby, Kiris smashed another vial of pheromones on the ground in front of her, before finally being slain.

The Ankheg arrived as the group was slaying the last Ant. Possibly the most dangerous enemy the Hunter cell had yet faced, the Ankheg was a massive creature was enraged by the scent that Kiris had let loose.

Grabbing Naram like a rag doll, the beast quickly snatched the rock creature up and began to gnaw on it’s head until it stopped moving, slashing other nearby party members with it’s free hand as it did so.

Heskan, still recovering from the ants earlier went down as well, and things looked dire. Tiring of his rocky treat, the beast threw the limp form of Naram down and tried to snatch at Ash, but was finally brought down under the hail of attacks.

The session ended with the party taking a quick rest to recover their strength in an abandoned building nearby, in site of the Library of Wakunsar.



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