The Unmaker

Week 4 - Induction

Shady Brooks – Epilogue

The group discusses the recent events with Captain Matol, the newly elected Lord Mayor Regent, until Marissa is of age to take over the government of the town. Defensive upgrades to the town were discussed, and the promise of sharing any further information on the upcoming invasion was made.

Matol gave the party a ritual book, as well as a letter that came for Ash and Naram, inviting them to bring the group to the Hunter headquarters. Letters of warning about the invasion were sent to the Knights of Draconis through Iabur and the Mage’s Guild through Manthen.

Hunters – Induction

The party arrives at Headquarters, where they are introduced to Thormeir, the Hunter Cell Trainer. He explains the Hunters to the group, and offers membership. The group is introduced to Tomas Nerringway, an enchanter, Wind Priceton, a historian and accomplished ritual caster, and Madame Padme, a potion maker.

After a night of making use of the Hunters resources, the group decides to join and become a Hunter Cell. Before they can, they must face Thormeir as a group



The group fought well, and quickly proved themselves to Thormeir. At a signal from a man in the background, Thormeir puts an end to the fight, and inducts the players as full members of the Hunters.

Hunters! We gather today to forge another link in the chain. Six warriors, joined in purpose to protect the weak and strike fear into the hearts of all who would do evil in this world.

Two you may know already, but four you do not.

Aramil: A powerful Eladrin, and blue wizard from the mages guild who’s quest for knoweledge has led him to us from the lands of men in the east.

Kalla: Forged and tested in the Elemental chaos, this Githzerai warrior’s blade will cut even the most determined foe, but his mind is deadlier still.

Hesken: Son of the ancient dragonborn of Arkhosia, who led the charge against the foul Tiefling empire. There is a long tradition of Dragonborn hunter. I have no doubt Heskan shall prove to be the greatest.

Chandra: An immortal being who holds the power of a God inside her, our world has been marked by her presense long before the Hunter’s even existed.

Ash: A shifter with no tribe but ours, sworn to protect those that would have seen him dead to appease their own hatred and fear. Few beings can stand against his blades and live to tell of it.

Finally there is Naram: None like him have ever been recorded in our world. He represents that which we must all be, an insurmountable wall against evil.

But that wall has faultered friends. It was broken long ago, and evil runs free now like never before. With their help, we will build it back up. Those who stand before us will die, and those who run will be hunted.


The group set out after their induction to explore the Ruins of Wakunsar. The Hunters have had reports of Cultist activity in the area, and instructed the group that city will only appear in the natural world at both dusk and dawn.

After a good day of travel, they were ambushed on the road by members of the Goblin tribe that had relocated north from Shady Brooks.



Goblin Archers and Sharpshooters harried the group while a shaman tried to push them off the cliff. Heskan was quick to rush across the bridge to assault the goblin warriors on the other side, but the goblins had prepared a trap on the bridge, false stonework sending Heskan down into the stream, and the waiting hands of several goblins.


The goblins were no match for Heskan, whose lightning breath and quick blade work put an end to them. The last Goblin below was shoved into the stream, unable to fight Heskans strength as he struggled for air.

Above, the group fought with ranged weapons against the archers, while Kalla leaped across the hole in the bridge to keep the warriors at bay. Aramil brought his power to bear, summoning two balls of flame to scorch the archers and keep them on the move.


This however only drew the attention of the archers, who desperately tried to take him out before they burned to death. Their efforts were wasted however, since Naram was there to keep him conscious long enough to maintain the spells. Between this and Ash’s archery, the Goblins fell, one by one.

After felling one of the two goblin warriors, Kalla was kicked off the bridge by a particularly strong attack. Upon landing however, he did not find Heskan, who had rushed up to the second level and steadied himself. Ash, seeing a signal from the Dragonborn, used his ally and a springboard, and leaped up onto the highest level of the bridge to engage the archers. The ring of his twin blades clearing their scabbards should have killed the remaining sharpshooter with fright, but Ash was obliged to do the killing in closer quarters.

The fight ended with the final warrior attempting to flee, but losing his footing on the slick stone near the waterfall and plummeting to his death. The group made camp in sight of a newly visible city, and prepared themselves for the ruins.



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