The Unmaker

Week 13 - Dusk pt 2

Give Chase!

This week began as the group mounted up on the remaining wagons and gave chase to the vampire stage hands through the woods.


Upon catching up to the enemy, Hesken attempted a daring leap from his speeding wagon to the one directly in front of him. At the last moment his target hit a rock, throwing the wagon up and just out of reach. Hesken grabbed on to the edge and was under attack from the two vampires riding there.

While the Dragonborn was trying to gain a purchase on the enemy wagon, the rest of the party attempted to spur their wagons forward, or engaged in ranged combat with their foes. Unfortunately, the lead vampire possessed potent mind control magics, and was able to mentally influence Ash to slow their wagon down.

Finally able to pull himself up Heskan engaged the two vampires to little effect. Each attempt to push them off was met with unnatural resistance.

In the distance, a lone rider pulled ahead of the enemy, and summoned a great gout of flame on the lead vampire. He wore the Mage’s guild stole of a War Wizard.


Meanwhile, a group of vampire bats began to assault the party as they tried to steer clear of the various hazards littering the road. The group made quick work of them, however during the distraction Ivan found that his cart was going to smash into a rock. He leaped from his cart to Heskans aide at the last moment.

Slamming into the rock, the cart pitched forward and began to flip over the cart in front of it. Thankfully Heskan and Ivan were quick enough to duck under the flipping cart, but one of the Vampires was not as lucky.

Seeing an opportunity, Aramil quickly dispatched one of the bats and used the power of his curse to cut a swath through the fey realm. Within seconds he appeared on the flipping cart in midair, and using it as a perch closer to his target, cut into the feywild yet again and reappeared on the forward cart in view of the lead vampire’s cart.


The fight continued, as the carts raced on, Aramil attempting to take the lead horse down, Naram and Ash dealing with bats and fighting at range, and Heakan and Ivan fighting toe to toe with two vampires. Meanwhile the mysterious stranger kept the pressure on the lead vampire. In a moment of distraction as he was ducking under a branch, Heskan was knocked clear of his cart by the Vampire he was fighting. Gripping onto the side for dear life, he was sure that he was going to recover when the lead vampire let out a crushing mental blow, ordering everyone to the ground.

Heskan fell to the dirt and had the clarity of mind to roll to the side of the onrushing cart driven by his friends. Lying down on his own cart, Ash reached over the side to grip his friends hand, and bodily hauled 300 pounds of killing muscle and armor onto the cart.

Alone against two vampires, Ivan feared for the worst, but another branch whipped by, saving him the trouble of dispatching one. As their cart rolled by the disoriented creature, Ash and Heskan pounded it into ash with their weapons.

Sensing the need to act, Aramil wreathed his head in lights, commanding the power of Lengis to strike the lead vampire blind. In pain, and unable to see, the stage manager released his hold on his cart and tried to get free.

Ash was having none of it. Still prone, the feline warrior rolled to the side of his cart as it passed. Using his weapons as leverage, he flipped into a somersault off of the wagon and landed at the feet of the blinded and prone vampire. In a surge of speed and skill, Ash chopped the fool to bits.

A few moments later, the final vampire was dispatched and the carts stopped. Inside one of the carts was the missing girls, and an enchanted mask that the vampire has found and hidden away for safety. Once the group had dusted off the stranger rode up and introduced himself as Richard. Aramil however, recognized the man as “Death’s Hand” a wizard assassin working for the guild.

A brief conversation ensued as to Aramil’s recent activities, and Richard left to investigate some of Aramil’s story. Aramil was reasonably certain that Richard did not know of his change to Warlock because of the amulet he was using to maintain his Wizard’s cantrips.

After returning to town the group had a brief conversation with Captain Matol, who was understandably upset that eyewitnesses reported the party trying to stop the show and then beating the crap our of the townswomen with the flats of their swords. He was pleased to see that the group had accomplished the task however, and asked them to come by in the morning to receive their payment.

In the meantime Heskan visited Hatyk to pay for the information that he had provided. Hatyk was initially displeased that Heskan offered so little coin, but could not have been happier when Heskan set up a private meeting at the inn between Hatyk and Durance Dwell, star of the show.

Naram paid Ghadell to keep the drinks coming. Hatyk and Durance left the pub together supporting each other up and drunk off their asses.

Aramil paid Uvori for a night in bed. After all, 20 gold is not that much.

The next morning the group met with Matol for payment, who asked them to keep him informed of any information regarding the coming war. He mentioned that his information in Tanaris had not written in a few days. He also asked the group to pay Lord Luc Underwood his respects if they were traveling to Last Hope, and also ask where his shipments of Caolin were.



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