The Hunters


The Hunters are an organization devoted to tracking down and destroying devils, demons, and the undead. They sent out teams to root out and destroy evil, and accept members from all walks of life.

The Hunters is now primarily a human organization, although it was not always so. The Great War changed many things.


No one knows who founded the Hunters and when. Legends of times long past tell of bands of heroes calling themselves Hunters seeking out unnatural evils in the world and destroying them. To be asked to join is considered a great honor to the people of Errastus, for the offer is never given lightly and those chosen are always men and women of great ability.


The Headquarters for the Hunters lies in a cave deep within the Eofel Mountains.

Power Structure

Hunters are organized into five to seven person cells. These are assigned to investigate specific incidents, or sometimes given a geographic area to look after. All cells report directly to their trainer, usually the last surviving member of a previous cell, and the trainers report directly to the Reeve.

The current Reeve is Jaren Westbaum, and he runs all day to day activity at headquarters, although he claims to answer to a higher authority still.

The Hunters

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