Goliath Warden


Karnak Stormheart Veneki’Rithal, was born to the Hurin tribes of the Southern Eofel Mountains, long known for their stout warriors and shamanistic beliefs. Five years ago, he was sent by the tribe elders as an emissary to the northeast, and the Human Empire. Relishing the chance to wander the world and see what was beyond the mountains he knew as his home, he packed up his meager belongings, and ventured forth towards Ricarnan. He quickly came into the employ of a Mercenary band in the area. After distinguishing himself through various missions with them, Karnak came to the attention of a benefactor who has sent him to the Free Lands. His mission: to find a man under their employ who has gone missing after being sent there (Karnak is unaware of what the man was sent there for, as his benefactor deemed it classified), and report back with any information discovered about his disappearance. Now, Karnak has finally crossed the mountains and entered the Free Lands, eager to explore this new land.

As a boy, Karnak was always known to disappear whenever it was time for chores to be done, sometimes wandering for hours in the mountains before returning as night fell over the camps. During one such time, as he was miles from the camp, a storm that had rolled in quickly. As the downpour began, Karnak slowly made his way back to camp, but found himself lost before long. To try and regain his bearing and spot the camps, he headed to stand atop a larger cliff face. While doing so, the thunder got stronger, and before he could spot the camp, he was struck by a bolt of lightning. Falling off the edge down to a small path below, he lay unconscious, but still alive. Not long after, he was found by some of the scouts from the camp, and rushed back to be cared for by the healers. He miraculously survived unscathed… except for a long jagged dark marking burned down his chest. The elder shaman of the tribe, saw this as an omen of Karnak’s destiny… for to the tribes, the patterns on a goliath’s skin are considered to be a sign of their fate.

After that night, Karnak always felt more at ease during the storms. After all… what did he have to fear in them? He had taken the worst one could throw at him and survived. He quickly took to the spear as he trained with the warriors of his tribe. His instructors once said seeing him in action during training katas, that it was like watching a the heart of a wild storm. At his coming of age ceremony, as was custom with his tribe, he was given a honorific title. The Elder chose the title “Stormheart” to bestow upon him.


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