The Unmaker

Week 20 - The Bandit Queen


While in Elkridge, the players learned the following from various sources:

  • Vlayn Felstorm, Kylar’s mother, is the village healer. Her husband Arlen used to run the village before their magical protection ran out. After his murder, she has been relying on Skarn for protection
  • Skarn Felstorm fell in with bandits as a youngster, and eventually her father caught her participating in a raid against a trade caravan and banished her from the town.
  • Once Arlen was found dead, Skarn returned at the head of a bandit army and forced the villagers to build her a wooden fortress.
  • Kylar is the one who found her fathers body. She took the dagger that killed him and has sworn to use it to take her revenge.

Vlayn used her spirit healing powers to heal Aramil, although she did tell Aramil that he would need to remove his clothing first. Aramil was not quite sure she was being truthful, but he complied anyway. Misrith angered Vlayn by insinuating one of her daughters was involved in her husbands death, and she asked him to leave her home.

Huarc and Misrith took the time to travel out to the desert to speak with Kylar for some time, while Aramil gave an inspirational (questionably) speech to the villagers. He asked them to leave with the group after their business in the town was complete to safety in Shady Brooks.

Soon after the meal, several bandits showed up in the town and started roughing up some of the villagers. They demanded to see the party.

Once the party stepped forward, they informed the group that Skarn requested their presence. The group initially declined the request. The bandit leader called Misrith a fagot. Misrith responded that he had sex with the man’s mother. The mans name was Chad. Battle ensued.


Battle did not last long however, as all members on both sides (aside from Chad and Misrith) were trying to calm everyone down. Eventually they went to the fortress.

Skarn Felstorm

The group was led to meet Skarn, her fortress built in the shadow of monument to Kord. Flanked on two sides by jungle cats and brawny men, Skarn was quite bombastic in her scorn of the party. She asked them why she should allow them to live, and finally the group mentioned their trip to the desert. Skarn, now interested in the groups information about how to pass the flower field, offered them their lives in exchange for leading her and her men across the desert to attack the cultists who continue to harry her home village. When the party mentioned Chad’s treatment of the villagers, Skarn decided to pit them against Chads group as payment for the death of the other bandits.

If the group won the combat, they would become honorary members of the bandit gang and live. If not, Chad would earn forgiveness and the group would die.



The group won.



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