The Unmaker

Week 18 - Headed South

A Night in the Cave

Several hours were spent in the Wolf King’s hall, looking around for another exit. The secret room that housed the amulet was found, along with an inscription from the original owner of the amulet.

I have locked myself away, for I have become the monster I hoped to control. The longer I used the amulet to keep the beasts away from the village, the more I became like them. I hungered for flesh, and power. Only after devouring my own wife and children did I realize what I had become. I was more of a threat to my village the the beasts I now controlled.

I lack the power to destory this thing, this ‘gift’ of the tieflings. Do not trust them. Do not trust yourself.

Soon, Lo-Kag knocked on the door and asked to be admitted so he could discuss the events of the previous day with the players.

Once inside, he asked what had happened to the Amulet that Underwood had taken from the room, and the group said they were going to destroy it. Not wanting to allow a group of strangers just take the amulet, Lo-Kag demanded that he be involved in destroying it himself. Once informed that the only way to do so would be to take it to a holy sight and have several arcane practitioners preform a ritual, Lo-Kag realized that he would be unable to go himself.

After a night of rest, the group met Lo-Kag in the castle to discuss their plans for obliterating the amulet, and a little history as to what occurred at Last Hope to allow this to happen. The group was informed of the Tiefling fleet that had landed south of the Desert, and how Lord Underwood has hoped to use the amulet to control the nearby Werewolf bands to the defense of the keep. Sadly the longer he wore the amulet the more out of control he got.

Now Lo-Kag must hope to defend the area himself, and protect Lily as he swore to the Elder Lord Underwood he would before the man passed away. To ensure that the Amulet is destroyed, but not burden the group with men associated with the guards the group had an … altercation with, Lo-Kag introduced them to Huarc, a desert nomad who was a frequent visitor of the city and trusted friend of Lo-Kag, and Karnak, a Goliath born to the same tribe as Lo-Kag. Together, the group decided to head south towards the Temple of Draconis to put Heskan to rest and enlist the aide of the monks to destroy the Amulet.

Skarn Felstorm

While following the road south, the group found themselves at a roadblock announcing that they were entering the authority of Skarn Felstorm, a person no one in the group had yet heard of. The group stopped their wagon just before a trap they noticed in the treeline, and made ready for battle:


The battle was swift, as the bandits were not prepared for a fight with warriors of the groups caliber. As things began to go against them, the bandits began to run. One of the mounted ones shouting behind him “You will regret this outsiders! Nobody challenges the will of Skarn Felstorm without forsaking their lives!”



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