The Unmaker

Week 15 - Last Hope pt 2

Bathed in Blood

The group stood in the inn, covered in the blood of the fallen, when a mysterious man entered. The mans name was Misrith, and after identifying himself as a Hunter, he asked the group to come with him to his safe house because the guards were coming to arrest them, as they had all visitors who had come to Last Hope.

The team tried to sneak out the back way, but the Guard soon began to follow him. In danger of discovery, Misrith separated himself and slid into the darkness.

After a brief chase, the group was surrounded by the town guard.

Not wanting to slay the local guard without reason, the group submitted to arrest with the hope of speaking with Lord Luc Underwood.

After being thrown into the cells, the group was separated from Aramil. Worried that the Warlock would use his power against them, the guards bound him and put a bag over his head. Aramil tried to run for it when this was happening, but was beat into unconsciousness.

Jail Break


After some slanted comments from some of the guards the group began to be suspicious that they would not be treated fairly. Shortly after Aramil used his power to free himself, Misrith climbed the wall and snuck around the back to speak into the windows of the jail. He warned the group that no one that had ever been arrested had been seen again.

Learning that they were likely doomed, the group sprung into action. Breaking the nearest guard into the cell bars, the group fought their way out of jail. No guards survived, not even one who surrendered (Aramil executed him in revenge for knocking him out).


He deserved it :P

Week 15 - Last Hope pt 2

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