The Unmaker

Week 20 - The Bandit Queen


While in Elkridge, the players learned the following from various sources:

  • Vlayn Felstorm, Kylar’s mother, is the village healer. Her husband Arlen used to run the village before their magical protection ran out. After his murder, she has been relying on Skarn for protection
  • Skarn Felstorm fell in with bandits as a youngster, and eventually her father caught her participating in a raid against a trade caravan and banished her from the town.
  • Once Arlen was found dead, Skarn returned at the head of a bandit army and forced the villagers to build her a wooden fortress.
  • Kylar is the one who found her fathers body. She took the dagger that killed him and has sworn to use it to take her revenge.

Vlayn used her spirit healing powers to heal Aramil, although she did tell Aramil that he would need to remove his clothing first. Aramil was not quite sure she was being truthful, but he complied anyway. Misrith angered Vlayn by insinuating one of her daughters was involved in her husbands death, and she asked him to leave her home.

Huarc and Misrith took the time to travel out to the desert to speak with Kylar for some time, while Aramil gave an inspirational (questionably) speech to the villagers. He asked them to leave with the group after their business in the town was complete to safety in Shady Brooks.

Soon after the meal, several bandits showed up in the town and started roughing up some of the villagers. They demanded to see the party.

Once the party stepped forward, they informed the group that Skarn requested their presence. The group initially declined the request. The bandit leader called Misrith a fagot. Misrith responded that he had sex with the man’s mother. The mans name was Chad. Battle ensued.


Battle did not last long however, as all members on both sides (aside from Chad and Misrith) were trying to calm everyone down. Eventually they went to the fortress.

Skarn Felstorm

The group was led to meet Skarn, her fortress built in the shadow of monument to Kord. Flanked on two sides by jungle cats and brawny men, Skarn was quite bombastic in her scorn of the party. She asked them why she should allow them to live, and finally the group mentioned their trip to the desert. Skarn, now interested in the groups information about how to pass the flower field, offered them their lives in exchange for leading her and her men across the desert to attack the cultists who continue to harry her home village. When the party mentioned Chad’s treatment of the villagers, Skarn decided to pit them against Chads group as payment for the death of the other bandits.

If the group won the combat, they would become honorary members of the bandit gang and live. If not, Chad would earn forgiveness and the group would die.



The group won.

Week 19 - Into the Desert

Working South

After their run in with the bandits, the group decided that heading south into the Desert to destroy the artifact quickly was the best course of action. After a few hours of travel, Ash noticed another set of tracks entering the path from the Twisted Woods. Several pack animals of some kind, the prints of which resembled a giant rat, and plenty of humanoids.

After some time, the group cleared the twisted woods and stood before the desert. One landscape melting into the other, as if some kind of malevolent power kept water from reaching the desert, so close to the Twisted Woods.

After some travel towards their destination they began to notice some strange flowers scattered throughout the landscape. Sensing some kind of power, Aramil stepped forward to examine them. As he neared the flower puffed up and exploded in a cloud of poisonous gas. Coughing and choking, Aramil began to get a wild look in his eye, and the Werewolves disease began to overcome him. Fatigues from a day of travel and the battle with the Bandit gang, Aramil was in no condition to heal himself, so in his last moments of sanity he begged to be knocked unconscious. Misrith complied.

Aramil on their backs, the group forged ahead through the minefield of poison flowers, using their keen eyes and magical senses to detect dangerous plants to avoid or destroy. Soon a faint light in the distance began to concern them, and as they got closer it was revealed to be the ghost of a middle aged man with a curved dagger in his back. He surveyed the group sadly, and motioned for them to follow.

Since he was headed in the same direction as the group, they complied. Finally they crested a dune and caught their first look of the noble temple of Draconis. Sadly the mighty statue to Bahumut had been defiled, and the mesa containing the temple was patrolled by a group of cultists and mutant rat creatures that were familiar to Ash. Agents of the Unmaker had taken the temple for some nefarious purpose.

Further down in the direction of the temple lay the group of individuals who had made the tracks the group had found. Several large mutated rat creatures carried peasants chained to their backs, and still others marched at sword point in front of the vile cultists. After a moment of deliberation, the group decided to intervene. Charging down the ridge, the group caught the cultists as they attempted to cross a river of quicksand.

(The giant dinosaur is playing the part of a rat monster)

As soon as the battle was joined, the beast master whistled a warning ahead to the scores of cultists at the temple, and ordered his men to attack. Two of the cultists began herding the marching peasants towards the temple, while the pack monsters attacked the group, citizens still chained to their backs.

Misrith, seeing the cultists marching away with innocents, but unable to reach them because of the quicksand river, tried to intervene as best he could. Bouncing his dagger off one mans sword into the other throat in an impossible shot, Misrith followed it up with another dagger eliminating all of the cultists across the quicksand river, allowing the peasants to make ready to escape as soon as the bridge was clear.

Meanwhile the first of the great Rat beasts was dispatched, cause it to fall upon the peasants on his back. Their cries of pain were cut short as they were crushed under its weight. “For the love of the gods, please get us off of here!” the other peasants cried as the battle continued. Without skipping a beat Karnak planted his spear in the ground, blowing a great wave of energy across the enemy, knocking them all back, including the pack rat beast. These other peasants didn’t have a change to mourn their death aloud, for the blast sent them into the quicksand, where they would never scream again.

As the fight continued, a woman appeared. Running from the desert, she leaped over the fight and made her way across the bridge, commanding the group to keep the cultists at bay with not even an introduction. The peasants on the other side of the bridge seemed to know her however, addressing her as Kylar.

At this point Aramil regained conciousness due to a blast of healing sent out by Ivan. Finding his companions in a fight, he did not take long to strike. Calling upon the power Lengis had given him, he began to lacerate his enemies with his power and blind them with bolts of light.

The Beastmast, blinded by the attack began to shout, “Why Master!? Why!? Have I displeased you? Why burn me so!?” before he expired.

It was at this point that the arrows began to fall in great clouds of death from the approaching army of cultists. Hundreds of men and twisted creatures with bows advanced through the blowing sands, their fire guided by the light of a single archer firing sunrods. As one such rod landed upon the peasants, Aramil used his mage hand to shift its position, keeping the few surviving men and women alive.

“Follow me to safety!” Kylar exclaimed, leading the group back through the desert. The cultists did not appear to follow.

Once out of immediate danger, the group began to ask Kylar where she had come from. She explained that her name was Kylar Felstorm, son of the late Arlen Felstorm. He was a warlord who led the people of Elkridge in their previous home, before moving them into an enchanted grove in the Twisted Woods to live a more peaceful life. He was murdered however, and after the enchantment fell off or was destroyed, cultists began raiding the town for villagers. Kylar’s sister, Skarn Felstorm had ran away from home when Kylar was young, but had returned with the bandits she had fallen in with to defend the village. However the bandits are not easily controlled and do almost as much harm as good.

When asked about the curved dagger she carried at her hip, Kylar responded that she had taken it from her fathers body. She intended to see his assassin slain with he very weapon they used to strike down her father.

Week 18 - Headed South

A Night in the Cave

Several hours were spent in the Wolf King’s hall, looking around for another exit. The secret room that housed the amulet was found, along with an inscription from the original owner of the amulet.

I have locked myself away, for I have become the monster I hoped to control. The longer I used the amulet to keep the beasts away from the village, the more I became like them. I hungered for flesh, and power. Only after devouring my own wife and children did I realize what I had become. I was more of a threat to my village the the beasts I now controlled.

I lack the power to destory this thing, this ‘gift’ of the tieflings. Do not trust them. Do not trust yourself.

Soon, Lo-Kag knocked on the door and asked to be admitted so he could discuss the events of the previous day with the players.

Once inside, he asked what had happened to the Amulet that Underwood had taken from the room, and the group said they were going to destroy it. Not wanting to allow a group of strangers just take the amulet, Lo-Kag demanded that he be involved in destroying it himself. Once informed that the only way to do so would be to take it to a holy sight and have several arcane practitioners preform a ritual, Lo-Kag realized that he would be unable to go himself.

After a night of rest, the group met Lo-Kag in the castle to discuss their plans for obliterating the amulet, and a little history as to what occurred at Last Hope to allow this to happen. The group was informed of the Tiefling fleet that had landed south of the Desert, and how Lord Underwood has hoped to use the amulet to control the nearby Werewolf bands to the defense of the keep. Sadly the longer he wore the amulet the more out of control he got.

Now Lo-Kag must hope to defend the area himself, and protect Lily as he swore to the Elder Lord Underwood he would before the man passed away. To ensure that the Amulet is destroyed, but not burden the group with men associated with the guards the group had an … altercation with, Lo-Kag introduced them to Huarc, a desert nomad who was a frequent visitor of the city and trusted friend of Lo-Kag, and Karnak, a Goliath born to the same tribe as Lo-Kag. Together, the group decided to head south towards the Temple of Draconis to put Heskan to rest and enlist the aide of the monks to destroy the Amulet.

Skarn Felstorm

While following the road south, the group found themselves at a roadblock announcing that they were entering the authority of Skarn Felstorm, a person no one in the group had yet heard of. The group stopped their wagon just before a trap they noticed in the treeline, and made ready for battle:


The battle was swift, as the bandits were not prepared for a fight with warriors of the groups caliber. As things began to go against them, the bandits began to run. One of the mounted ones shouting behind him “You will regret this outsiders! Nobody challenges the will of Skarn Felstorm without forsaking their lives!”

Week 17 - Lost Hope Finale

Further Into the Breach

After a short rest to regain their strength, the group pressed on into the dungeon. They came upon a hallway with intricate runes and a mural of wolf men passing by unharmed on one side of the hall, and the other side had murals of crushed and broken bodies.

In their impatience, the group decided to ‘just touch it and get it over with.’

Gravity ceased it’s pull, and the group was crushed before slamming upon both the ceiling and the floor. Retreating to the safety of the entry way, they decided to send Aramil and Naram in to see what they could do.

After a few grueling minutes of magical surgery, Naram and Aramil expressed their belief that they had discovered the trap’s triggers, and rewired it to crush Lycanthropes.

The Throne Room

Misrith (who had now caught up to the party having said he left a note in his apartment that they failed to locate) attempted to stealthily open the door to the throne room for a peak inside. Sadly, the horrified screaming and activation of the trap earlier had alerted the 20 odd lycanthropes in the next room of their presence.


After a brief look around the room, the group decided to retreat back to the entryway and hope that the lycanthropes would follow, triggering the newly rewired trap. The Were-rats hot on their heels, most of the group spent action points to be sure they were clear of the hall when the rats came in.

And come in they did, to spectacular results.


Sadly, neither the Werewolf or the two elder Were-rats followed the smaller mininos into the hall until after the trap had alerted them to its tampered state by serial crushing 20 of their followers. The wolf let out a psychic howl, and informed the group that his master would arrive shortly to slay them.

In Hiding

In no condition to fight this modern Wolf King, the group decided to hide in the pool of water from the first room they fought in, where Heskan’s back was broken.


With two of his personal guards, Lord Luc Underwood entered the hall. Seeing the dead bodies, and smelling intruders, he ordered his guards to search the opening rooms for the party while he headed deeper inside for a report.

The two guards were held up by a barricade the party had built as a distraction, giving them precious time to separate the lord from his guards


The Last Battle

When the guards entered their room, the party rushed them. Already broken and bleeding, the group didn’t stand a chance against all of the wolves in the dungeon, so they planned to try and overwhelm them one at a time.

They had the two guards dead by the time Underwood was standing in the hall, ordering his wolves to follow him. Reluctant to traverse the hall, the wolves were powerless to disobey his compulsion, setting off the trap and tossing Underwood around while the group prepared for what they were sure was their final stand. Some of them would be right.

Heksan rushed forward to attempt to block the door, but at the last second, Underwood vanished. Hoping he was in time, he slammed the door shut on the Werewolf and two Rats, trapping them in the hall. At that moment, Underwood appeared in the midst of the group, swinging his great-sword in an arc. Every time it touched flesh, flames erupted as the power of the amulet at his neck lashed out.

Snarling like the wolves he controlled, Underwood lashed out at the group. Heskan, trapped in place while trying to make sure the Werewolf and Wererats didn’t join the fray, was hard pressed to defend himself from Lord Underwood.

Death of a Hero



With Heskan perished before them, the group began to hear the call of the Raven Queen. Brandishing all of their power left to them, they fought. Ash moved to black the door, using Heskan’s corpse (still useful in death) to help block the lycanthropes from breaking through. Soon the hall was silent and Ash was able to move away from his position to help.

Ivan, tapped out of healing abilities, attempted to marshal the group. Things began to fall apart, with members going down. As a Underwood began to deal his deathstroke to Ivan, Naram broke into shards of himself. Reforming between the deadly blade and the Warlord, Naram was shattered, never to piece himself together again.

With two friends clearly dead, Aramil began to feel that the Hunters should be aware of what was happening. He turned and ran from the room shouting back, “I will tell of your bravery!”

Once outside, Aramil was struck with an idea. Perhaps he could enlist the aid of the citizens to finish off this wolf king. He forgot how many were in on the groups attempted capture at the inn, and his shouts for help simply turned the miners into a horde of peasants, angry that someone would try to slay their lord.

Running back into the Hall of the Wolf King, Aramil was certain he would be running towards his death, no matter where he went. Summoning his crown of star fire, together with the remaining members of his team, Aramil, Ivan, Misrith, and Ash fought for their lives.

At last, when all hope looked as though it was gone, the Wolf King fell. Lord Luc Underwood lay slain, his demonic necklace searching for it’s next bearer.


Knowing the peasants were on their way, and running out of time, the group decided to push everything at hand up to the door. Night fell outside the dungeon. Locked inside, the group contemplated their fallen friends. How would they go on?


Week 16 - Lost Hope pt 3

The Morning

In the morning, the group began to discuss how to disguise themselves so that they wouldn’t attract attention in the town. While talking, they noticed Misrith had vanished without a trace. Finally deciding to check out the mining operation, Aramil helped everyone dirty their clothes with his mage skills.

Working their way into the Caolin Mining operation, the group noticed a cave on the far side. Realizing that this was the cave Misrith told them was discovered by Underwood, Timble, and other town officials, they worked their way over. Ivan walked up to the two guards standing in front of the cave, followed by the rest of the group. The guards commanded them to get back to work, but Aramil calmly stated that “Mayor Timble sent us to get a thing from in here.”

The guards began to challenge Aramil, one even putting his hand to his sword, but Hesken pitched in by growling that it was very important that they acquire this thing for the mayor, and that the guards would be sad if they stood in his way. Figuring that whatever was inside the cave would handle things in the group was not supposed to be in there, the guards allowed them to pass.

Hall of the Wolf King

Once inside, the group found themselves in a great rock cavern. At the far end stood a replica of Shadowfell gates, and in an ancient language of the Tiefling Empire, the words “Hall of the Wolf King” were written.

Also, there were four werewolves sleeping in the cavern. Smelling Ash, the half breed, they began the attack.

Ash, acting quickly, threw his blade to summon what looked to be the lead werewolf to him. After the group got in a round of surprise attacks, the wolf cackled and summoned lightning from the heavens. Only Aramil was able to move to safety as lightning slammed into the group bringing many to their knees. With another motion, she blew Naram fifteen feet away.

Rushing quickly to save their leader, the other wolves laid into the group. The she-wolf went down quickly, and cast no more spells. Another wolf howled in rage that his mate was now slain and he would drink the blood of those who took her life’s blood.

Worried that she would regenerate and rise again, Aramil summoned mighty vines to crush her bones and bleed her dry, which didn’t please the wolf. Unable to withstand the wolf’s attack, Aramil fell and was saved from death only in the last instant by Naram.

A savage battle commenced, and only by utilizing most of their resources was the party able to put down the four wolf men. Bravely carrying on, unable to rest lest their enemy know of their interest, the group opened the mighty door and entered the hall of the Wolf King.

“He did what to Heksen!?”


Once inside the hall, the group moved right, into what used to be a basin of water but was now being used as a bath for a massive man. Instantly noticing that the group was not welcome, this man drew a great blade, longer and heavier than the fullblade Hesken wielded, and with a shudder of pain the blade shot spikes through his hand. With a howl the man shifted into the greatest wolf beast the group had ever seen.

Without missing a beat, Ivan charged in only to be grabbed with one hand by the face and tossed back into the group. Beating back the groups attacks and taking others with a body that seemed to heal almost as fast as it could be injured, the beast threw party members about with relative ease.

Aramil and Naram retreated down the hall, firing their ranged attacks to little effect while the melee fighters tried to keep the berserkers attention. At one point the wolf caught Hesken’s stab with his hand, and with a mighty flip, tossed the Dragonborn’s blade across the room.

Whirling and slashing, party member after member was lain low, only to be brought back into the fight by the healing powers of Naram and Ivan. As the beast was worn down by hundreds of cuts, it lashed out to Hesken grabbing him by the neck. With a mighty heave the beast swung the dragon around and broke his back across his knee.

Hesken did not wake again until after the thing was finally slain, and only by the power of his god Bahumut and almost all of his inner strength was he able to stand and walk.

Battered, beaten, but not broken – the group forged on into the unknown.

Week 15 - Last Hope pt 2

Bathed in Blood

The group stood in the inn, covered in the blood of the fallen, when a mysterious man entered. The mans name was Misrith, and after identifying himself as a Hunter, he asked the group to come with him to his safe house because the guards were coming to arrest them, as they had all visitors who had come to Last Hope.

The team tried to sneak out the back way, but the Guard soon began to follow him. In danger of discovery, Misrith separated himself and slid into the darkness.

After a brief chase, the group was surrounded by the town guard.

Not wanting to slay the local guard without reason, the group submitted to arrest with the hope of speaking with Lord Luc Underwood.

After being thrown into the cells, the group was separated from Aramil. Worried that the Warlock would use his power against them, the guards bound him and put a bag over his head. Aramil tried to run for it when this was happening, but was beat into unconsciousness.

Jail Break


After some slanted comments from some of the guards the group began to be suspicious that they would not be treated fairly. Shortly after Aramil used his power to free himself, Misrith climbed the wall and snuck around the back to speak into the windows of the jail. He warned the group that no one that had ever been arrested had been seen again.

Learning that they were likely doomed, the group sprung into action. Breaking the nearest guard into the cell bars, the group fought their way out of jail. No guards survived, not even one who surrendered (Aramil executed him in revenge for knocking him out).

Week 14 - Last Hope part I

Travel Time

After clearing up their business in Shady Brooks, the group traveled south to Mountain’s Shadow. Once there the group spoke with the local Mayor, Joss, briefly before heading heading farther south to Last Hope Keep. At the border of the woods leading to the keep, they met a young woman, shaking and obviously injured. Sensing a trap, Ivan drew his blade and threatened the woman causing her to run away.

Hesken and Aramil chased after, and were able to calm her down long enough to get her story. She claims she woke up one day in Last Hope in a pit with the rest of her traveling merchants. She was told that Joss would take care of her if she headed north to Mountain’s Shadow.

The group continued into town, where they were met by a young Guardsman, Terron. The man was friendly enough, but denied any strange activity the group asked about. He led them to the “Fools Moon Inn” and introduced them to the innkeeper.

Ivan settled in to get a drink and listen to the girl playing the lute, who later turned out to be Lady Luc Underwood. While the rest of the group went out into town to ask some questions of Mayor Quill Timble. The Mayor denied any lack of shipments and said everything was fine. Some of the questions the group was asking seemed to make the Mayor nervous, and the conversation led to the Mayor misunderstanding that the group was perhaps brigands.

Upon returning to the inn, the group found Ivan had already retired to his room, unbeknown to them having been poisoned in the drink. Soon, almost all of them were knocked out, save Ash and Naram.

It is at this point, late in the evening after Lady Underwood and Lo-kag had left, that Ash and Naram were discussing the situation outside the groups rooms:


The rest of the group were all knocked out in the inn:

A group of foul smelling men entered the inn and assaulted the group. Most patrons still in the bar immediately ran when the men entered, although those unlucky enough to be in the way were quickly beheaded or slaughtered. Especially when a full blooded werewolf entered the room:

A bloody and violent battle commenced, Ash holding the door while Naram shouted to wake the group. Sluggish to respond the group was unable to assist Naram and Ash while the groggily donned their weapons and armor. As the battle continued, Ash was hard pressed to hold off the werewolf and his followers, who seemed intent to kill ‘the half-breed.’

When secret passages into the rooms opened up and more fighters snuck into the rooms, Aramil slipped outside to get a better angle of combat from the window:

At last the group prevailed. They stood covered in blood in the midst of a room of dead citizens and bandits.

Week 13 - Dusk pt 2

Give Chase!

This week began as the group mounted up on the remaining wagons and gave chase to the vampire stage hands through the woods.


Upon catching up to the enemy, Hesken attempted a daring leap from his speeding wagon to the one directly in front of him. At the last moment his target hit a rock, throwing the wagon up and just out of reach. Hesken grabbed on to the edge and was under attack from the two vampires riding there.

While the Dragonborn was trying to gain a purchase on the enemy wagon, the rest of the party attempted to spur their wagons forward, or engaged in ranged combat with their foes. Unfortunately, the lead vampire possessed potent mind control magics, and was able to mentally influence Ash to slow their wagon down.

Finally able to pull himself up Heskan engaged the two vampires to little effect. Each attempt to push them off was met with unnatural resistance.

In the distance, a lone rider pulled ahead of the enemy, and summoned a great gout of flame on the lead vampire. He wore the Mage’s guild stole of a War Wizard.


Meanwhile, a group of vampire bats began to assault the party as they tried to steer clear of the various hazards littering the road. The group made quick work of them, however during the distraction Ivan found that his cart was going to smash into a rock. He leaped from his cart to Heskans aide at the last moment.

Slamming into the rock, the cart pitched forward and began to flip over the cart in front of it. Thankfully Heskan and Ivan were quick enough to duck under the flipping cart, but one of the Vampires was not as lucky.

Seeing an opportunity, Aramil quickly dispatched one of the bats and used the power of his curse to cut a swath through the fey realm. Within seconds he appeared on the flipping cart in midair, and using it as a perch closer to his target, cut into the feywild yet again and reappeared on the forward cart in view of the lead vampire’s cart.


The fight continued, as the carts raced on, Aramil attempting to take the lead horse down, Naram and Ash dealing with bats and fighting at range, and Heakan and Ivan fighting toe to toe with two vampires. Meanwhile the mysterious stranger kept the pressure on the lead vampire. In a moment of distraction as he was ducking under a branch, Heskan was knocked clear of his cart by the Vampire he was fighting. Gripping onto the side for dear life, he was sure that he was going to recover when the lead vampire let out a crushing mental blow, ordering everyone to the ground.

Heskan fell to the dirt and had the clarity of mind to roll to the side of the onrushing cart driven by his friends. Lying down on his own cart, Ash reached over the side to grip his friends hand, and bodily hauled 300 pounds of killing muscle and armor onto the cart.

Alone against two vampires, Ivan feared for the worst, but another branch whipped by, saving him the trouble of dispatching one. As their cart rolled by the disoriented creature, Ash and Heskan pounded it into ash with their weapons.

Sensing the need to act, Aramil wreathed his head in lights, commanding the power of Lengis to strike the lead vampire blind. In pain, and unable to see, the stage manager released his hold on his cart and tried to get free.

Ash was having none of it. Still prone, the feline warrior rolled to the side of his cart as it passed. Using his weapons as leverage, he flipped into a somersault off of the wagon and landed at the feet of the blinded and prone vampire. In a surge of speed and skill, Ash chopped the fool to bits.

A few moments later, the final vampire was dispatched and the carts stopped. Inside one of the carts was the missing girls, and an enchanted mask that the vampire has found and hidden away for safety. Once the group had dusted off the stranger rode up and introduced himself as Richard. Aramil however, recognized the man as “Death’s Hand” a wizard assassin working for the guild.

A brief conversation ensued as to Aramil’s recent activities, and Richard left to investigate some of Aramil’s story. Aramil was reasonably certain that Richard did not know of his change to Warlock because of the amulet he was using to maintain his Wizard’s cantrips.

After returning to town the group had a brief conversation with Captain Matol, who was understandably upset that eyewitnesses reported the party trying to stop the show and then beating the crap our of the townswomen with the flats of their swords. He was pleased to see that the group had accomplished the task however, and asked them to come by in the morning to receive their payment.

In the meantime Heskan visited Hatyk to pay for the information that he had provided. Hatyk was initially displeased that Heskan offered so little coin, but could not have been happier when Heskan set up a private meeting at the inn between Hatyk and Durance Dwell, star of the show.

Naram paid Ghadell to keep the drinks coming. Hatyk and Durance left the pub together supporting each other up and drunk off their asses.

Aramil paid Uvori for a night in bed. After all, 20 gold is not that much.

The next morning the group met with Matol for payment, who asked them to keep him informed of any information regarding the coming war. He mentioned that his information in Tanaris had not written in a few days. He also asked the group to pay Lord Luc Underwood his respects if they were traveling to Last Hope, and also ask where his shipments of Caolin were.

Week 12 - Dusk

This week began with the group returning to Shady Brooks on their way to Last Hope. Once their, Hesken suggested that they check in with Matol and let him know what was going on at the mines.

Once in the Mayor’s compound, they were asked to look into a missing girl. Matol was worried that people would make a connection between new missing people and another necromancer. Since the group was going to be around for a day anyway, they accepted his request and were deputized for the duration of the investigation.

Their first stop was the mother of the most recent victim Tes. After a brief discussion about Tes’s plans the previous day, the group went to ask the last person she was known to be around, Sarah from the flower shop.

Since it was still late in the evening, they had to argue with the father, finally showing him their badges and demanding to speak to Sarah. She told the group that they spent the previous day window shopping, after which they got a bite to eat at the Inn and parted ways.

Traveling to the Inn, the group spoke with Ghadel briefly about their encounter with the undead dragon, sharing the tale of the Dengar mines. After a brief discussion, the group was unable to provide Ghadel with a description of the missing girl, however they were told that it was doubtful any teenage girls were at the inn with the play in town. The group was given a playbill to the “Dusk” play.

After discussing this new information with Sarah in the morning, who was anxious to not let her father hear that she had been at the play, the group heard that Tes went to meet the star, Durance, after the show.

Aramil went to purchase an Animal Messenger scroll while the group went out to the farm to question the people participating in the play. The group was introduced to Peter, a drunk, and father of the star of the show. Peter told the group that there are many women who throw themselves at his son Durance Dwell.

A short while later the group found themselves speaking with Durance, who told them that he probably had devoured the missing girls, after all he is a dangerous vampire. While boasting of his vampiric prowess might get him along with his fans, it did not impress the party. Ivan grabbed him by the arm and through him into the sun. Upon landing in the dirt, the handsome vampire changed into a plump middle aged man, and a hat fell off of him.

The group found Durance to be less than cooperative, so they tied him up and walked him into town for questioning, his father and the farmer close behind complaining.

Matol was not pleased with all of the commotion, since he was trying to keep the investigation discrete. The group promised to take care of things, and were able to convince Durance (by threatening to take his magic hat) into telling them what he knew. He was with a woman last night, but it wasn’t Tes. He told them that the stage manager’s choose the loveliest women to send back to him after the show.

Releasing Durance, the group insinuated that whatever was out there killing or stealing woman may be after him as well. They offered to be his ‘protection’ and accompanied him back to the wagons.

In the meantime, Hesken went to speak with Hatyk the dock worker about what he knew. Hatyk was at the show, and tried to see the actors after (although Heskek is sworn to secrecy on this information) but was blocked by the stage manager, from which he got a ‘freaky vibe, godang.’

More investigation at the wagons led the group to meet some of the other actors, who were all quite deranged and self important in their own way. As night began to fall, they discovered the costume wagon which had a dress inside with some blood and what the group thought might be flour. Suspecting it was Tes’s, they began to make a scene. The stage manager came to confront them about stealing their costumes before the show. At first evasive, as the group grew more certain that the dress belonged to Tes, the manager became angry and then shouted to the women “these men wish to stop the show!” His eyes flashed a bright red, and the women in the crowd responded by mobbing the party, eyes glowing an evil red.

The group fought with as much non-lethal action as they could muster, but the shear number of women threatened to drown them. Having faced Dragons, shadows of Dark God’s, and all manner of brigands, the group was nearly laid low by a crowd of angry Dusk fans.

As the last woman went down in a crumpled unconscious heap from the flat of a blade to the back of the head, the group noticed the wagons were escaping into the woods. Jumping onto the two remaining wagons, the group gave chase.

Week 11 - Dengar Mines cont.


The fight began well for the group, slicing into the mushroom creatures with apparent ease. This success died early however, for the creatures mended themselves, as well as emitting a strange green gas when cut.


Things began to turn sour as the creatures began to squat, emitting clouds of the noxious fumes. Sensing an oncoming explosion that could kill or maim his friends he struck the creature quickly and, using the power of his sword, teleported the thing underneath him taking the brunt of the explosion. The healers of the party were hard pressed to keep everyone up and active, and Ash was up and down as the battle progressed. One by one the group was hit with corrosive acid, terrible burning flames, and despair. One by one, the mushrooms fell, leaving the party wounded and tired.

Chandra used her life force to charge some of Naram’s potions, and the group moved forward.

Underwater Lake

Entering the next room, the party met the Crysteline Entity face to face. The Entity warned the group to leave or suffer the consequence. He went on the tell them that only Naram need die. The group did not agree and Ash shot some arrows at the Entity. Batting the missiles aside with a flick of his hand, the Entity waved his other hand and a rumble was hear throughout the chamber. “Interesting thing about these caves, they were originally occupied by a Dragon.” Vanishing into the next chamber, the exit caved in, and a great Skeletal fire breathing undead sea Dragon of death attacked.


Plumes of fire flung the group from their safe perches among the rocks, and a titanic battle ensued. Already tired and wounded from fighting their way down, the group unloaded their most powerful abilities on the dragon.

Taunting it in Draconic, Heskan managed to piss the ancient creature off, bearing the brunt of the beasts attacks even though he was nearly dead. Ivan leaped from pillar to pillar, attempting to keep up with the serpent and nearly falling into the water several times. Slipping underwater, the Dragon made its way into a position to blow several people into the water with its fire breath.

Finally, when it looked weak, Heskan leaped from his place on the cave outcropping and attempted to find purchase on the Dragon’s back, but it was too quick. With a clap of its dead wings, the beast knocked Heskan out, and into the water.

Knowing that Heskan would sure drown in his armor, Aramil dove into the water and swam to rescue him. While this was going on, Ash put the final blow into the Dragon, dispelling the magic that animated him and returning him to rest.

The team dragged themselves to their feet, stumbled to clear the cave in, and staggered into the room containing the crystal.

The Entity


Once inside the room the group were met with the site of several discarded bodies that were once the miners, the the Entity standing in front of the excavated crystal. Aramil smarted off at the entity, and was tossed across the room for his trouble.

With a word of threat that he would track Naram down and consume him at a time that would be more convenient for him later, the entity fused with the crystal and vanished.


Later that night while the group was sleeping, a scream was heard from Chandra’s room. Running to her aid, the group was met with a strange sight. Six angels stood in a blazing circle around her, swords drawn in her defense. Chandra stood in the center, eyes blazing with power and skin cracking open.

The nearest angel commanded the group to avert their eyes if they wished to retain their sanity, and in a flash of power Chandra vanished.


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